Chasing Checkers By Christoper Hinchliffe's

Its finally May, the month when devoted racing fans’ thoughts turn to Indy and the supremely accomplished racers who can be found there.  But have you ever wondered while sitting in the stands or relaxing in front of the tv,  how these great athletes arrived at the pinnacle of racing?  The answer can be found
in Christopher Hinchliffe’s fascinating new book, Chasing Checkers.
Chasing Checkers follows the early career of Teddy Clark, a fictional young racer whose only desire is to compete on the track as his idols have done before him.  Encouraged by a race fan father and an initially reluctant mother, Clark learns the ins and outs of the motor sports world from his first go kart race to the veteran circuits.
Clark starts from ground zero, discovering that race cars do not have speedometers and that the fit into any cockpit is tight, hot, and frequently excruciatingly uncomfortable. He learns how to develop a competitive mindset and discovers exactly how much is he willing to sacrifice to win.
The most interesting part of Hinchliffe’s spellbinding tale is Teddy’s journey of self realization.  He knows that he was adopted, but does the connection he feels to the sport enter into that equation in any way?  As his racing journey unfolds, Teddy’s discoveries about his heritage will keep the reader fascinated and engaged.
Although a work of fiction, author Christopher HInchliffe relied on his brother, professional racer James, to offer suggestions and insight into the realities of the competitive racing world.
“I’m a professor and a writer, not a racer.  The book was a way to connect with that part of my family, their accomplishments and their interests. “Christopher HInchliffe said.
HInchliffe didn’t say much about what he was working on until the first draft was complete.
“I didn’t let the family see my book until I felt comfortable with it going forward” Christopher Hinchliffe said.  “But once I did let them read it. I wanted to be certain that all the details were completely accurate.  That was where James came in.  He knew all the details, things I would not have been aware of.  I suspected that the fans who would be reading Chasing Checkers would know far more about racing than I do, so I wanted to be sure everything in the book was absolutely technically correct.”
It will be clear to those who follow racing that many of James’ own stories from his early career have found their way into this book.  Chasing Checkers, however, is not a biography.
“That will come later.  This is purely fiction. 
James has a lot more living and racing to do before that happens” Christopher said.  
Christopher Hinchliffe hopes that the release of the book at a time when racing captures the nation’s attention will entice those who don’t usually read sports books to give it a try.
“The purpose of this book is to engage people-die hard racing fans, casual racing fans, and also younger readers. I wanted a compelling story that would catch people’s interest. There’s an emphasis in Indy Car right now to reach out and expand the base of enthusiasts. You don’t have to know everything about every driver to enjoy this book. If you are already good on the details of racing, then great.  But at the same time, its an introduction into the racing world for those who may not already follow it closely.
My hope is that it will connect with a wide range of readers.”
Chasing Checkers is currently available online through Amazon and iTunes and through some local outlets in the Indianapolis area.  Christopher Hinchliffe will be making public appearances and
holding book signings through the month of May.

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We hope to have Christopher visit our tent at the Legends meet May 24th to 26th.