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The Vintage Indy Registry™ Notches Successful
Open Wheel Icons Event 

at WWT Raceway🏁

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28 cars lined up 3 abreast for photographers before the Saturday morning session.

©️Kent Kriegshauser Photography

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The Vintage Indy Registry’s Aug. 23-24 Open Wheel Icons weekend at Worldwide Technology Raceway at Gateway drew 28 cars from across the United States. The second annual event was held in conjunction
with IndyCar's Bommarito Automotive Group 500. 
All of the Vintage Indy Registry cars completed more than two hours of track time,
and two of them were piloted by former Indianapolis 500 drivers.
The Genesee Beer Wagon Eagle was driven by two-time
500 winner Al Unser Jr.,
while the 1987 STP True Value March had five time Indianapolis competitor and
1999 Rookie of the Year 

Robby McGehee in the cockpit.

©️Kent Kriegshauser Photography

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Six of Dan Gurney’s AAR Eagles were entered, including the 1968 G.C. Murphy Special, the 1969 Smokey Yunick/Joe Leonard City of Daytona Beach Santa Ana Eagle and the late Jim McElreath’s 1973 Circle City Coal Eagle. Chuck Jones of Stevensville, MI., took home the Dan Gurney AAR Award for best-appearing Eagle with his
stunning 1983 former Steve Chassey Genesee Beer Wagon Eagle.

©️Kent Kriegshauser Photography

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The oldest car, presented by James Mills of Marshall, IL., was the 1932 Hupp Comet, the only Huppmobile-powered car in the 500’s history — driven to 5th place in the 1932 race by Russ Snowberger. Also gracing the paddock was the 1968 Indy pole-winning STP Turbine, the 1972 AAR Olsonite Eagle and 
the famed M24 “Bud” McLaren.

©️Kent Kriegshauser Photography

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Brad Edwards in his beautiful 
1971 Gene White Mongoose.

©️Kent Kriegshauser Photography

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Stephanie Campeau in the 
Mick Anderson Dowgard Tribute Roadster.

©️Kent Kriegshauser Photography

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Charles Urwin in the Jeff Urwin 
M24 Bud McLaren.

©️Kent Kriegshauser Photograph

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17-year-old rising NASCAR star Jagger Jones — son of P.J. Jones and grandson of 1963 Indy 500 winner Parnelli Jones — ran a session in 
Dr. Bob Dicks’ (of Greenwood, Ind.) 
1963 “Old Calhoun/Willard Battery Special” 
Parnelli Jones tribute car.

©️Kent Kriegshauser Photography

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Bruce Linsmeyer in the Indy Pole-Winning 
1968 Lotus 56.

©Brad Plant Photography

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Philippe de Lespinay in AAR #7229.

©️Brad Plant Photography 

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Rick Rowland in the #56 Penske Chevy dices with Jason Mendenhall in the 
#8 Lindsey Hopkins Cosworth. 

©️Kent Kriegshauser Photography

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St. Louis natives Butch Welsch and five-time “500” starter Robby McGehee alongside Pat Bennett’s 1987 March. 

©️Kent Kriegshauser Photography

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Al Jr. & John Martin during the autograph session.

©️Kent Kriegshauser Photography

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Robby McGhee & Arie Luyendyk at Autograph Session.

©️Kent Kriegshauser Photography

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Ron Nelson & Mike Lashmett flank Vintage Indy Registry™ Paddock visitor Bobby Rahal.

©️Kent Kriegshauser Photography

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Al Jr. and Chuck Jones enjoying a moment together on the grid. 

©️Kent Kriegshauser Photography 

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The famed Vintage Indy Registry™️ Flagman, Jason Burgess, leads the field out to the grid.

© Kent Kriegshauser Photography

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