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'Vintage Desert Classic'
promoted by Classic Racing Times
held on April 28th and 29th.

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The Classic Racing Time's Gary Mondschein with the Vintage Indy Registry's "Best in Show" award with car owner Gary Schroeder at the Phoenix Raceway event. Award included complimentary registration, 2 caps and 2 decals for the car. For more photographs of the weekend click on the image above.

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The Vintage Indy Registry™ Trophy
presented by Hagerty® Insurance at IMS Legends Day 2017

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The Vintage Indy Registry Trophy presented by Hagerty for the winning car at IMS Legends Day, was a 1930 Miller. This iconic car was constructed with a 183ci Miller by noted car builder Myron Stevens for owner William "Hollywood Bill" White of Los Angeles, CA. The stunning white #16 car was entered in its maiden Indianapolis 500 for 1930 as the Miller-Schofield Special and finished in 2nd place with an average speed of 98.054mph scoring $10,000 in sweepstakes prize money for its driver and Paris, Illinois native Shorty Cantlon and his riding mechanic L. Miller. This beautiful car competed in more 500s (1930-1947) than any other Miller in Indianapolis history.
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1930 Miller which was constructed with a 183ci Miller by noted car builder Myron Stevens

Duman Restoration Crew with Mark Briggs of Hagerty Insurance.
L-R Bud Donato, Hagerty's Mark Briggs, Rick Duman & George Petrovich.
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L-R Mike Lashmett, Lyn St. James, Steve Zautke & Hagerty's Mark Briggs.

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To view over 300 images from the IMS Legends event please visit -

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The winner of the 2017 Vintage Indy Registry trophy presented by Hagerty for the best in show. A well deserved award for an outstanding restoration.

The VPJ-1/102 has been restored using all original componentry acquired directly from Parnelli Jones and is in its ‘Mk 1’ configuration incorporating dihedral wings, dual camber compensators and other details as the car would have run
during early testing in the 1972 season.

The car has been restored to its original Samsonite livery, including original 'suitcase' numeral decals dating back to 1972. Joe Leonard has verified the pedal location and certain details in the tub (Joe was nearly 6’ tall and certain modifications had to be made to his cars vs. those driven by Andretti and Unser)
as one of the two chassis he drove during the ’72 racing season.

Larry Alleman has verified this chassis was one of the first two constructed of the VPJ-1 series based on the type of rivets used in the construction of the tub.

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Judges and trophy presentation. Dick Simon, Lyn St. James, Dan Cotter owner of Tom Sneva winning 500 car, Bill Simpson, Chuck Jones, Mark Briggs and Mike Lashmett.

The "Parnelli" crew SVRA Indy 2017..L-R Mark Briggs of Hagerty®, Chuck Yaeger, Jill Jones, Owen Jones, Chuck Jones, Mike Lashmett, Charlie Jones, George Petrovich, Danna Lashmett, Tim Whiting, John Petty, Dave Riley and Chris Petty

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2017 Miller's at Milwaukee Vintage Indy Car Event

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The 2017 MilLLERS AT MILWAUKEE Vintage Indy Car Event hosted July 7-8
at the Milwaukee Mile.
Eligible Cars included: All front engine and Pre/Post WW11 Indy Cars and Champ Cars, along with Indy Roadsters and Laydown cars.

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click on photo above for over 400 images.
Thanks to Tim Didier for his efforts on Saturday.

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โ€‹The 2017 Vintage IndyCar Celebration At Pocono Raceway
August 20th - 2017
The weekend of the Indy Car 500

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The 2017 Vintage IndyCar Celebration At Pocono Raceway

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The weekend is over and by all we have heard it was a great event.
Once again Gary Mondschein and Classic Racing Times ran a smooth and fun program.
Click on the photo above for some great images shot by Scotty Bennett.
Our thanks to Scotty for providing these images and all are available for purchase.
See you all next year at another Vintage Indy Car event.
Mike Lashmett and Ron Nelson - Founders of Vintage Indy Registry.

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